Santa Ana Volcano – Ilamatepec, Santa Ana

Santa Ana Volcano – Ilamatepec, Santa Ana
Put your endurance to the test by climbing to the top of the Ilamatepec volcano, also called the Santa Ana volcano. If you make it, you are sure to have some of the most impressive views of the area, with the turquoise waters of Lake Coatepeque as a background.

Located in the department of Santa Ana, this colossus has an altitude of 2,381 meters above sea level, the highest in El Salvador. Its last eruptions occurred in 2005.

This volcano is part of the Los Volcanes Complex in the Apaneca mountain range, within a tropical mountainous cloud forest, in a coffee-growing region about 65 kilometers west of the capital city. The main activities in the region are agriculture and tourism so you will be rewarded by the luscious landscapes that you will see from the moment you start your ride along the road, lined with fruit stalls that characterize the area.

As you get ready to climb the volcano, you will experience incredible contact with the flora and fauna of the area, which will give you a fresh and delicious climate. And once at the top of this imposing colossus, you will have spectacular views of the Izalco volcano and Lake Coatepeque.

The medium level ascent (5/10) will compensate you with changing weather. We recommend hikers wear comfortable clothing, carry a water container, sunglasses, sunscreen, cap or hat, and footwear suitable for mountaineering or hiking.

The entrance fee to the Complex is $ 1.50 for Salvadorans, and $3.00 for foreigners.
Children under 6 and adults over 60 do not pay.
Hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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