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About El Salvador CIP

El Salvador CIP was born on March 2022 due to the demand of people from all over the world wanting to come to El Salvador and live the dream. Doesn’t matter if your dream is surf, great climate, bitcoin or simple retirement. We have you covered.


El Salvador CIP is a government approved agency to accept paperwork and go through all the requirements and red tape, so you don’t have to. We will provide you with your Visa, Residency or Passport in a way no one else will, fully turnkey and hassle-free.


These are some of the people that make it happen.

Joey Langenbrunner

Chief Sales Officer
Co-Founder - USA

Joey Langenbrunner is a cofounder of El Salvador CIP, El Salvador’s preeminent immigration agency.

Joey is a strong advocate for the growth and development of El Salvador. While serving for 3 years on the board of the Liberland Aid Foundation, an international aid nonprofit, Joseph helped deliver 1 BTC to the Benjamin Bloom Children’s Hospital - the first Bitcoin donation in the nation’s history. Joey has been working in the crypto space for the past 5 years in various leadership roles.

An original resident of the USA, Joey’s passion for international lifestyles drew him to the study and acquisition of second residencies, citizenships, and international businesses. He now spends his time helping individuals achieve more sovereignty through international diversification.

Juan Carlos Gorospe

Chief Operations Officer
Co-Founder - El Salvador

Juan Carlos Gorospe is cofounder of El Salvador CIP, the number one-ranked immigration agency in El Salvador.

Liberland Ambassador and representative to El Salvador for over 5 years has helped bring together both countries and their people, helping with the donation of 1 BTC to Hospital de Niños Benjamín Bloom.

Computer Science Engineer and accomplished entrepreneur with several startups and owner of an advertising firm in El Salvador.

Spanish, Salvadoran, Liberlander, citizen of the world and a firm believer in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as the future.