San Blas Beach, La Libertad

San Blas Beach, La Libertad
San Blas is one of the most beautiful beaches in El Salvador. One of many with the greatest potential as a surfing spot and tourist destination.

Located just 3 kilometers west of El Puerto de La Libertad (La Libertad Pier), and practically right off the exit of the modern bypass Road to Surf City. This natural jewel not only offers a 1-kilometer long beach but all the amenities that a tourist looks for and needs

As for surfing, it has at least 4 different waves, capable of satisfying a beginner or an experienced surfer. The first one is known as El Recodo, and it is located at the end of the east side of the beach. It´s a rocky formation at the entry pathway of a small river, which produces short but very fast, steep, and tunnel waves.

The other one of the waves, heading towards the west of the beach, is also a rocky formation that produces two waves: one that breaks lightly to the right, which is why it is considered a gentle and easy to ride the wave; the other wave runs to the left, which is a bit faster and more demanding. At this spot, it is vital to enter at high tide, as the rocks are large and stick out of the water at low tide.

The next wave to the west side of the beach breaks to the left, something rare in the "paradise of right waves", it formed by the combination of the rocky bottom and the remains of the merchant ship San Blas, which shipwrecked at that spot in 1901; This wave can become very powerful and of great quality, with walls up to 6 feet high (2 meters), long lines and wave tunnels, suitable for an experience level.

From here and until it meets with the beach El Majahual on the west side, there is a wide beach break created by sandbanks that produce different types of waves; some fast with tunnels, suitable for body surfing, and other foaming sparkling waves but with force, ideal for getting started in this sport. ¿?

There are at least 2 surfing schools in San Blas, where you can also rent boards for a small fee.

The beach offers many attractions, such as its natural, clean and safe environment. Private beach houses are lined up on the shoreline, many of them for rent; beach clubs, ramadas, and different types of accommodation. There are also public areas for car parking and to have access to the beach so that anyone can enjoy this paradise.

The long strip of black volcanic sand just invites you to anchor an umbrella in the sand and spend a spectacular day. This beach is ideal for walking, running, playing soccer, a volleyball match, or flying a kite. Sunbathing and swimming in the sea is a must.

Different species of birds can be seen at this beach, and sea turtle sightings are very common as they come to the shore to deposit their eggs.

If you go to San Blas from San Salvador, take the highway in route to El Puerto de La Libertad, take the bypass leading to Camino a Surf City and then take the Litoral highway to the west; When you are at the 39 ½ kilometers (it doesn´t mean you need to travel this much), you will see the wide paved street that takes you directly to this beautiful destination.
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