Los Cobanos Beach, Sonsonate

Los Cobanos Beach, Sonsonate
The beach Los Cóbanos is a small fishing community on the coast of the west side of the department of Sonsonate, located 11 kilometers east of the municipality and Puerto de Acajutla.

In all its surroundings, there are several breathtaking beaches and with sand with the color like honey, their coral composition, calm waters, and the rock formations that stand out throughout the coast, make up a truly beautiful and unique place in El Salvador.

The beach Los Cóbanos is an area of 264 square kilometers of marine ecosystem which is rich in natural diversity and under environmental protection.

Surfing has not always been very popular here, since the surrounding reef creates a kind of water break, which becomes a large area of confined water. However, there are places like the nearby beach Salinitas, where between the reefs you will see canals that have been formed creating small but consistent waves, ideal for SUP surfing, or for paddling.

Some rocky formations that are less known at about 800 meters from the shore, can produce on certain high tide days, waves known as Outer Reef which can measure up to 10 feet in height (3.5 meters), which disappear in deeper water after running for about 200 meters. These places can only be accessed by boat and under the guidance of a local guide.

Between November and February, this spot is ideal for scuba diving and enjoying the dozens of volcanic reefs and some shipwrecks. This place is home to marine life and the formations are amazing. There are also coastal areas, suitable for snorkeling and canoeing.

This whole area is famous for blue water fishing since deep marine trenches are just a few kilometers from the coast, where species such as goldfish, sailfish, wahoos, tuna, and marlins take refuge and feed. The local fishermen offer their boats, equipment, and experience, to arrange for you an unforgettable fishing day.

The beach Los Cobanos has a special attraction. ¨Whale sightings¨ which is very common, especially the humpback whales. Scientific studies have shown that this is an area rich in nutrients, which attract these huge mammals, here they feed and rest in the waters during January and February, before continuing the migration endeavor that begins Alaska with being its destination. Tours are always available by the locals to enjoy this unique show.

This tourist destination has had a huge boom, resulting in a large number of accommodations, food and other services.

To get to Los Cóbanos from San Salvador, you must take the Pan-American Highway in the direction to Sonsonate, you then take the road that leads to Acajutla, right through the Kilo 5 exit and just 3 kilometers ahead, you will find the exit road to the beach Los Cóbanos, which is only 7 kilometers away.
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