El Zonte Beach, La Libertad

El Zonte Beach, La Libertad
The beach El Zonte, also known as Bitcoin Beach, is one of the most emblematic surf destinations in El Salvador.

This small coastal community is located the kilometer 53 of the highway El Litoral, in the municipality of Chiltiupán, La Libertad.

This place keeps its original bohemian and beach style, even thought that the demand for tourism has increased.

The area next to the river El Zonte offers numerous hostels, houses for rent, hotels, and restaurants, as well as surfboard rentals and classes for this sport.

Beyond the small estuary, to the west, there are private beach houses and several small hotels, where you can also go for the day.

To the east, there are several modern and really good quality hotels and, including a surf training center, unique in the world.

The beach El Zonte has several sections for practicing this sport. The most popular is La Punta, a rock formation, with a break to the right, which creates a fast wave, with a long line and sometimes waves tunnels; which can reach up to 10 feet in height (3.5 meters), reaching a small beach that has a cliff at the eastern end part of the beach which should be avoided on high tide days.

From the beginning part to the west of the beach, there are 2 other sections, the first is a wave that runs to the left that forms on the rocky bed at the mouth of the river; it´s a fast, long, and powerful wave.

Then, there is an area of a "beach break", which is known for its speed and inclination, a short line, with tubular segments, which crash against the sandy beach.

El Zonte offers a beautiful and colorful landscape; cliffs and rocky areas that run into the sea, which marks its limits. There are two beaches of volcanic black sand, separated by a river and its small estuary. Here you will find some interesting caves on the west part of the beach, the perfect spot for a photograph.

Getting to the beach El Zonte is easy, from San Salvador take the highway to El Puerto de La Libertad, then take the bypass to Camino a Surf City, and when you reach the El Litoral highway, continue west until you reach kilometer 53, where the signs will indicate you that you have arrived.
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