Costa del Sol Beach, La Paz

Costa del Sol Beach, La Paz
The beach Costa del Sol is a natural jewel located in the department of La Paz, in the central area of El Salvador.

Unlike the rock formations and cliffs that characterize the eastern and western beaches of the country, this area is surrounded by a beautiful valley.

The beach Costa del Sol offers the visitor a perfect combination of attractions that make it a world-class beach destination. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the sun from sunrise to sunset, and an endless white sand beach, all types of accommodations, a wide selection of Salvadoran and international cuisine, and the additional attractions of being surrounded by an immense navigable estuary and waves to practice good surfing, this should be your choice.

This beach is 15 kilometers long, and in terms of surfing, it is characterized by the sandbanks that are formed throughout the break- zone. Which generate fast waves that break both to the right and to the left. Usually wave tunnels and truly challenging when winds from the north blow in, which raises their crests and increases the size of the wall suitable and perfect for maneuvering, which can reach up to nine feet in height (3 meters).

The best time of year to surf at The Costa del Sol is from November to January, when the swells of the South Pacific Ocean are not as big and powerful, which allows the wave to break with less speed and greater smoothness. There are even backwaters where the waves are small and foamy, ideal for those who want to begin practicing this exciting sport.

Besides good surfing, the beach Costa del Sol has an amazing number of hotels and private houses for rent. Numerous restaurants along the boulevard run through it, some very local as under a palm tree, and others truly gourmet.

This beach is surrounded by the immense Jaltepeque estuary, populated by intricate and impeccable mangroves, ideal for SUP, boating, sailing, fishing, and skiing, or to rent a small boat and have a nice ride out. If you are more demanding or looking for something higher end, you can rent one of the luxurious yachts that anchor in its marinas which will take you to go out to the open sea on an exciting day of fishing in blue water, where larger species swarm through, like dorado, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, and marlins.

If you decide to visit this first-class destination from San Salvador. You must take the highway to Comalapa, when you arrive at La Paz, take the highway El Litoral going west, and then to the street La Herradura, which takes you directly to La Costa del sol Boulevard in about an hour.
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