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Residencies for El Salvador

El Salvador offers many different types of residencies. The list below is a shortlist of the most common Residency Programs or Residency Visas El Salvador has to offer. Some may have stricter requirements than others. If you have any questions, please tell us and we will guide you through your immigration needs in the best possible way. Remember we have expert and experienced lawyers on staff and are ready to help you.

Residency / Visa Program Ideal for:
Investor Residency / Visa * Presidents, members of the board of directors, legal reps. shareholders of a commercial company legally established in El Salvador, owners and managers of a company with active investment in El Salvador with $4,000.00 minimum sales are required.
Rentista Residency / Visa ** Non-working visa, people with >$1460 / mo. of income. Also known as Nomad Visa.
Work Residency / Visa Persons who provide services to a public institution for projects of public interest, such as but are not limited to: Academics and teachers, scientists, specialized personnel engaged in academic activities, athletes and professional sports workers, research, technical or advisory, technicians or admin staff from abroad.
Business Residency / Visa President, members of the board of directors, legal representatives, shareholders of a commercial company, owner or general manager of a company that enters the country with the purpose of carrying out activities to promote or identify investment opportunities in the areas of industry, commerce, tourism, suppliers of goods or services or any lawful economic activity.
Retired Residency / Visa Non-working people with >$1095 / mo. of pension or income.
Study Residency / Visa Students, researches and unpaid vocational interns.
Transit Residency / Visa Humanitarian or Medical workers
Comercial Residency / Visa Foreigners who enter El Salvador need to remain temporarily in the capacity of managing director to supervise or train employees of a company legally constituted in El Salvador. This is for specialized matters or special representatives, travel agents, commercial delegates, tech support, supervisor, or auditor exceptionally linked to the activities of the company or society based in El Salvador.
Shareholder Residency / Visa Shareholders of a company
Cooperations Residency / Visa For international NGO operating in El Salvador
Accompany Residency / Visa Spouses, partners, parents, and children under 18
Temp Residency / Visa Workers under contract but temporarily transferred.

 * - Investor Visa - This type of visa may soon change drastically or a new more favorable Investment Visa may come with the Volcano Bonds.

 ** - Rentista Visa - This is what's commonly known as Digital Nomad Visa in El Salvador.

If you and or your family are interested in one of these types of Residency Programs or Visas, please fill out the form below and we will gladly help you out with the paperwork you need to have and everything we will do for you.

We are a government-approved immigration office that offers turnkey services. The cost is fixed, and there are no surprises.

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