Conchagua Volcano, La Union

Conchagua Volcano, La Union
Conchagua (also known as Cochague) is a stratovolcano in southeastern El Salvador, overlooking the Gulf of Fonseca. Cerro del Ocote and Cerro de la Bandera are the two main summits, with Bandera appearing younger and more conical. There are active fumarolic areas on both peaks, but no confirmed historical eruptions. It is surrounded by forest called Bosque Conchagua. Conchagua, in Native American indigenous Salvadoran Lenca language, means (Flying Jaguar).

According to historians, the volcano was settled by the Lenca civilization, who worshipped the goddess Comizahual, an indigenous Jaguar Princess. Lenca legends say that Conchagua was Comizahual's favorite volcano, and upon her death she was taken on top on Conchagua where her body turned into many golden Chiltota birds that took off from Conchagua volcano.

Privileged views toward Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Gulf of Fonseca make the Conchagua Volcano a unique experience. If you visit this destination you will enjoy the beautiful maritime landscapes of the gulf and its islands.

This colossus is in the municipality of Conchagua, and at the western end of the Gulf of Fonseca, in La Unión. It has two prominences: The Ocotal hill and the Banderas hill.

For the more adventurous, camping in the volcano and seeing the sunrises and sunsets are unforgettable moments since it offers landscapes full of great natural wealth and diversity of colors.

To climb it you can choose to take a walk and enjoy its pleasant climate and impressive views, or go in the vehicles that offer you services in the area.

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Picture credit: Smithsonian Institution
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