Citizenship Investment Program

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El Salvador Citizenship Investment Program As of this writing (April 5th, 2022) the law that outlines the specifics of the El Salvador Citizenship By Investment Program has not yet been passed. This program will be outlined in the legislation known as The Volcano Bond legislation. We are st...

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Residencies for El Salvador El Salvador offers many different types of residencies. The list below is a shortlist of the most common Residency Programs or Residency Visas El Salvador has to offer. Some may have stricter requirements than others. If you have any questions, please tell us and w...

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Digital Nomad Visa

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El Salvador Digital Nomad Visa What is a Digital Nomad Visa? A digital nomad is someone who lives a nomadic lifestyle and uses technology to work remotely from outside their home country. A digital nomad visa is a document or program that gives someone the legal right to work remotely while ...

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